• Office Visits

    School, Sports, and Employment Physicals

    Are an integral part of our practice. The health questionnaire and answers are reviewed carefully by our doctors and appropriate forms are filled after a thorough medical checkup and lab tests as required.

    We insist on yearly school exams and update them on vaccination safety during

    Sick Visit

    Every patient is treated with utmost compassion, care, concern and with warmth, appropriate diagnostic tests and as need based emergency medications for the illness such as fever reducers, anti allergy & inhalation treatments for asthma. The prescriptions are sent electronically to pharmacy.
    Follow up visits are scheduled before the patient and family.

    Preventive Care

    We focus our priority for preventive care by encouraging parents to bring their children for their routine well visits. The medical assistant and Nurse during the well visit take the weight, height and B P then they plot them on graphs and they spend quality time to do surveys for different mental and physical mile stones and discuss your child’s feeding patterns.

    Pre-Operative Visit

    Checkups are conducted for the medical clearance at the request of the specialist who is operating on the patient and made sure that our patient is in good condition to undergo the specific procedure required forms are sent to the specialist. Need basis one of our doctors will visit the patient at the hospital to complement the care.

    Emergency Visit

    The patient who is found extremely sick will be directed to go to the nearest hospital and the staff will call for ambulance if required and we will also call the E R attending and inform them about our patient who is in transit to their hospital. Our dedicated nurse will be with the patient until the ambulance arrives to our office.